iPhone/iPad Unlock

  • Product Manual:Dr. fone - Unlock (iOS) allows you to easily delete the lock screen when you forget the password on the iPhone / iPad or you just don't know the password on the second-hand iPhone or iPad. You can use
1. It allows you to unlock the iPhone / iPad lock screen in different situations, such as 4-digit Passcode, 6-digit Passcode, Touch ID, Face ID.
2. Allows you to remove the lock screen from all the iPhones and iPads in a few minutes. No technical skills are required.
3. It is fully compatible with all iOS devices and all types of lock screens.
4. Unlocking is simple and fast, and can be done in a few seconds to get rid of the control of previous Apple ID accounts. You can retrieve all icloud services and Apple ID functions by logging in to a new account.
Note: Dr. fone unlock (iOS) only supports bypassing Apple ID on iDevices running on iOS 11.4 and earlier versions.

Have you ever encountered the same situation, that is, you forgot the password of the lock screen of the iPhone / iPad, or accidentally locked the device after many wrong attempts? Don't worry. You can try to unlock the screen lock with Dr. fone-unlock (iOS) without any trouble.
Let's see how it works.

Unlock iPhone with dr.fone - Unlock (iOS)

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad

Start Dr. Fone on your computer and select Unlock from all the tools.

Connect iOS devices to computers using lighting cables. Then click Start on the program.

Step 2. Boot iPhone/iPad in DFU mode

Before we can bypass the lock screen of the iPhone, we need to start it in DFU mode. According to Dr. Fone's instructions, different devices are guided to DFU mode.

  1. Turn off your iPhone.
  2. At the same time, hold down the volume reduction button and the power button for 10 seconds.
  3. Loosen the power button and hold down the volume reduction button until the device is in DFU mode.

Step 3. Confirm iOS device information

After the device is in DFU mode, Dr. Fone will display device information, such as phone generation, iOS version, etc. If the information is incorrect, you can also select the correct information from the drop-down list. Then click the firmware of the download device.

Step 4. Unlock iPhone screen lock

After the firmware download is successful, click Unlock Now to unlock the iPhone/iPad.

In a few seconds, your iPhone will be unlocked successfully. Note that this unlocking process also erases data from your iPhone / iPad. To be honest, there is no solution on the market that can bypass the iPhone / iPad lock screen without losing data.

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