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  • Product Manual:Dr. fone - Erase (iOS) can completely erase your iOS device and permanently erase specific data. The data you erase will disappear forever. No one, even a professional thief, can recover it.
1. Being able to erase your iOS device completely and permanently erase specific data, no one can restore it.
2. Clear personal data on the iPhone, including photos, messages and attachments, contacts, call logs, memos, calendars, reminders and Safari bookmarks. It includes not only existing data, but also deleted data on the device.
3. It can help us erase useless temporary files, system junk files and compress photos without losing 75% of the photo space.
4. 100% erase third-party applications: WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Viber, etc.

When it comes to fully erasing your iPhone data, the only tool that is efficient enough to get the job done with perfection is dr.fone - iOS Eraser by Wondershare. In other words, this program allows you to erase all your data from your iPhone, thus enabling you to dispose your phone off without any fear of your sensitive information getting exposed to unauthorized people.

In order to remove your data from your iPhone permanently, you can follow the instructions given as below:

Launch dr.fone on your computer and select Erase among all the modules.

Next, let's check how to use dr.fone - Erase (iOS) to completely erase iOS private data in steps.

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

Plug your iPhone or iPad to the computer with a lightening cable. Tap on Trust on your iPhone/iPad screen to make sure the iPhone/iPad connects successfully.

When dr.fone recognizes your iPhone/iPad, it will display two options, Erase Full Data and Erase Private Data. Here we select Erase Private Data to continue.

Step 2. Scan the private data on your iPhone

To erase your private data on the iPhone, you need to scan the private data first. Click the "Start Scan" button to let the program scan your iPhone.

It will cost you some time. Just wait until you can see all the found private data in the scan result.

Step 3.Start erasing private data on your iPhone permanently

You can preview all the private data found in the scan result, such as photos, messages, contacts, call history and more. Select the data you want to erase, and click on the Erase from the Device button to start erasing them.

Since the erased data can't be recovered again, we can't be too careful to proceed the erasing. Enter "delete" in the box to confirm the erasing and click "Erase now".

When the private data erasure begins, you can take a cup of coffee and wait for its end. It takes you some time. Your iPhone/iPad will be restarted a few times during the process. Please don't disconnect your device to ensure a successful data erasure.

Once the process is complete, you will see an "Erase Completed" message on the window of the program.

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