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  • Product Manual:Android lock screen removal removes lock screens with patterns, PINs, passwords and fingerprints. When you forget your password, a simple click will bypass the Android lock screen, get a second-hand A
Unlock Android lock screen in 5 minutes, including pattern, PIN, password and fingerprint.
Unlock four screen lock types - pattern, PIN, password and fingerprint.
Only delete the lock screen, there is no data loss.
Without technical knowledge, everyone can handle it.
It is suitable for all mainstream Android models such as Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series and LG G2/G3/G4,etc.

How To Unlock Android lock screen

Part 1. Unlock Android lock screen in standard mode
Part 2. Unlock Android lock screen in advanced mode

Part 1. Unlock Android lock screen in standard mode

Step 1. Connect to Android Phone
Start Dr. fone on your computer, and then select "unlock" from all the tools.

Connect an Android phone to a computer using a USB cable. Then click Unlock Android Screen on the program.

Step 2. Select the type of device
Due to the different recovery packages of different mobile phone models, it is very important to choose the right mobile phone model. You can find all the supported device models in the list.

Step 3. Enter download mode
Then follow the instructions on the program to put the Android phone in download mode.
Turn off the power of the mobile phone.
At the same time, hold down the volume down + Home button + power button.
Turn up the volume and enter the download mode.

Step 4. Download the recovery package
Once the device is in download mode, it will start downloading recovery packs. Wait until it's finished.

Step 5. Unlock Andorid lock screen without losing data
After the recovery package is downloaded, click "Remove Now" and enter the confirmation code to delete the screen lock. This process does not damage any data on Android devices.

At the end of the schedule, you can access the Android device without entering any password and view all the data on the device without restrictions.

Part 2. Unlock Android Lock Screen in Advanced Mode
If you can't find an Android model in the device list, you need to select advanced mode to delete the Android lock screen. The methods are as follows:
Note that this mode may erase device data.
Step 1. Select the second option (advanced mode).
Choose the second option, "I can't find my device model from the list above".

Then the Android unlock tool will be ready to unlock the locked screen.

Once you have the configuration file ready, click Unlock Now.

Step 2. Enter recovery mode.
Now is the time to start Android in recovery mode.
For Android devices with Home buttons:
First shut down the device.
Then long press the volume down + power button to restart it.
When the screen turns black, press the Volume Up + Home + Power button for a few seconds.
Release all buttons when brand logo appears.

For Android devices without Home buttons:
Close the Android device. If the system prompts you to enter the lock screen password, press the "Lower Volume + Power" button for a long time to force restart.

When the screen turns black, press the Volume Up + Bixby + Power button for a few seconds.
Release all buttons when the brand logo pops up.

Step 3. Bypass the Android lock screen.
After the recovery mode is activated, please erase all device settings according to the instructions on the screen.

For a while, your Android device will remove lock screen.

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