Android Data Backup & Restore

  • Product Manual:Android Data Backup & Restore allows you to easily backup almost all types of data, including calendars, call logs, galleries, videos, messages, contacts, audio, applications and even application data
Android Data Backup & Restore What You Need to Know
1. Data type for Backup & Restore:
Android Data Backup & Restore can backup and restore Contacts, messages, call history, calendar, gallery, audio, video, Application and even Application data (for rooted devices) safely and quickly, without any data loss, and the new backup file won't overwrite the old one.
2. Android Data Backup & Restore is very simple and fast to use without any technology.
The whole backup only needs one click. Once the device is connected and detected, the program automatically backs up data on Android phones or tablets.
For backup files, you can preview and select the data to restore. In addition, you can restore the backup data to other Android / iOS devices. If you transfer from iOS to Android, Dr. fone can help you easily restore iCloud / iTunes backup content to your new Android phone.
3. Support more than 8000 Android devices.

How to Backup and Restore Android Devices?

Part 1. Backup Android Phone
Part 2. Restore Backup to Android Phone
Part 1. Backup Android Phone

Step 1. Connect the Android phone to the computer

Start Dr. fone on the computer and select Backup and Restore from all functions.

Then use the USB cable to connect the Android phone to the computer. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging mode on your mobile phone. If your Android OS version is 4.2.2 or higher, there will be a pop-up window on your Android phone asking you to allow USB debugging. Please click OK.

Click Backup to start backing up Android phone data.
If you used this program to backup devices before, you can view past backups by clicking View Backup History.
Step 2. Select the file type to backup
After connecting to the Android phone, select the file type to backup. By default, Dr. fone has checked all file types for you. Then click Backup to start the backup process.

The backup process will take several minutes. Do not disconnect the Android phone during the backup process. Do not use the device or delete any data on the phone.

When the backup is complete, you can click the View Backup button to view the contents of the backup file.

Part 2. Restore Backup to Android Phone
Step 1. Connect the Android phone to the computer
Start Dr. fone on your computer and select Backup and Restore from all the tools. Connect an Android phone to a computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. Select the backup file to restore
After clicking the Restore button, the program will display all Android backup files on this computer. Select the backup file you want, and then click View next to it.

Step 3. Preview and restore the backup file to the Android phone
Here, you can preview each file in the backup. Check the required files, and then click Restore to Android Phone.

The whole process takes only a few minutes. Do not disconnect the Android phone or open any Android phone management software.

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